In the space of 20 years, Amazon has become the most valuable retailer in the world, overtaking Walmart by market capitalisation. From humble beginnings in the 1990s as an online bookstore, Amazon has taken the consumer by storm and now offers everything from electronics to fresh food. Amazon is aggressively disrupting numerous industries and reducing the profit pool available to traditional competitors. A focus on the consumer is Amazon's philosophy. The company strives to improve price, delivery time and choice for consumers. Jeff Bezos convincingly makes the case – “when does a consumer ever complain that delivery was too fast, the price was too low, or that all their brands were available?” To provide a sense of Amazon’s dominance, nearly half of e-commerce growth in the US is captured by Amazon. Amazon has been able to achieve this dominance because they have a strategy of ‘infinite shelf-space’. Amazon has become an ‘everything-store.’