Gold is the worst investment in history! This headline - which was followed by several paragraphs of 'analysis', appeared in a recent article in Daily Finance, with the same author previously theorising that gold will eventually be worthless. Apparently, the proof that gold is the worst investment can be found in the numbers, which 'don't lie'. Funnily enough, the numbers the author quoted were from 1802 to 2006, and showed stocks, bonds and t-bills surging, whilst gold lagged. We don't doubt the numbers, though one wonders which stocks you could have bought in 1802 that are still trading in 2014 As to the idea that gold will one day be worthless - this will come about through better technology, which will render gold obsolete. Interesting theory, though one could argue that we've been on a road of perpetual technological improvement for centuries, yet gold has endured! I'm not sure what exactly will mark the bottom of this cyclical gold bear market, but a headline like that is music to the ears of a contrarian investor. We're quite certain headlines like it won't appear at the top!


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Jordan Eliseo

agree James.

James Marlay

Sentiment towards gold seems to have improved compared to mid 2014... The recovery in gold stocks in late 2014 early 2015 definitely caught some investor interest. Either way, articles like the one you quoted don't really help anyone and shows how data can be manipulated to tell the story you want. Sounds like there may have been another agenda...