In Nov 2017 GBR rallied 208% on the announcement of the major discovery at Mt Venn (top assays 4.3% copper and 0.1% cobalt). There was broad mineralisation, and large strike - at 7.5km strike. Note, GBR has only scratched the surface, literally, with a reconnaissance drill program at Mt Venn. With the share price now back at the levels pre-discovery, the market might be missing the companies game plan, which revolves around metallurgy, to confirm the potential economics, and then build the resource size on a copper equivalent basis. GBR is lucky to be in fresh sulphides from surface, which may have a significant impact on processing costs. Further, Northern Star (NST) are suggesting their new discovery, Zodiac, will make the Jundee goldfield "one of the greatest goldfields in Australia", and GBR owns Jundee South, within a few KM's, and surrounded by 3 satellite pits. With Metallurgy results pending, it is worth exploring what the market may be missing. (VIEW LINK)