This fear poll published on the vix and more blogspot attempts to get some insight into which issues have been responsible for bring fear back into the investing equation and in so triggering the highest VIX spike (53.29) outside of the 2008-09 financial crisis and the #5 and #6 one-day VIX spikes ever on consecutive days. The chart below summarises the top ten responses from almost 400 voters, covering 40 countries over the past two days. The question: “Which of the following makes you most fearful, anxious or uncertain about the stock market?” The American view of the world contrasts with those non-U.S. respondents. The area most overemphasized by Americans relative to the rest of the world is, in classic Americentric myopia fashion…”U.S. – weak economic growth,” which 8.7% more Americans label as their #1 concern than their non-U.S. counterparts. Conversely, the biggest blind spot for Americans – at least relative to the concerns of the rest of the world – is commodities prices, which Americans underweight by 5.1%. Full article (VIEW LINK)