Claude Walker joins us in a deep dive into some of the most talked about growth stocks on the ASX. 

We talk about our investment mistakes, some of the one that have worked out, and how to assess investments when so much of their value lies in the future. 

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Time stamps:

0:38 - Claude's background and time at Motley Fool
4:30 - Pro Medicus (PME:ASX) recommendation and discussion
6:38 - Claude touches on his investment style
8:08 - Pro Medicus as a platform business rather than just a software business
8:30 - Pro Medicus - the numbers
10:20 - Claude dives into Pro Medicus' two key revenue streams
11:50 - Michael introduces Alteryx (AYX:NYSE) and accounting standards
14:45 - Claude's worst mistake (Touchcorp)
17:30 - Claude touches on cognitive errors
18:10 - Michael discusses Afterpay (APT:ASX), comparing it to some US tech investments
19:25 - Afterpay, the YOLO stock?
21:55 - The network effects of Afterpay
22:30 - Consumer behaviour of Afterpay customers
24:38 - Claude introduces Avita Healthcare (AVH:ASX), discussed in Frazis Capital's previous podcast
26:58 - Avita's opportunity in vitiligo and skin rejuvenation
29:59 - How to value a company like Avita when there are no conventional cashflows?
32:02 - When should you sell a company like Avita?
35:20 - BARDA's funding of Polynovo (PNV:ASX) and Avita
37:40 - Claude goes through Audinate (AD8:ASX)
41:55 - Audinate's financial numbers
45:00 - Audinate's next 5 years
48:00 - Claude talks about his new project, "A Rich Life"


Can we have this as an embedded podcast pls. per usual LW presentation.

Patrick Poke

Hi Kim, Michael's podcast is not hosted on a platform that we can embed unfortunately. There are dozens of podcast hosts out there, and we don't have the resources to enable embedded players for each individual host. Over time we will integrate more hosts, which will allow contributors like Michael to have an embedded player. For now though, we're unable to embed this one.


Thank you Patrick for responding. I would have thought it’d be a doddle for Michael to get his IT people to port it across to a platform currently supported by LW. And I think LW should insist, and dictate, a few protocols that are in the best interests of your subscribers. Not a big ask I wouldn’t have thought.