Tim Boreham

For investors in the burns treatment house, progress has been a slow burn indeed since Avita rode the prestige of treating Bali bombing victims with its innovative ‘spray on’ skin technology. That was back in 2002 and my time flies. Now, Avita faces its defining moment in history with the... Show More

Rob Tucker

It is a useful strategy for investors to have a watchlist, as discussed in our Megatrend framework. We tend to have 40-50 stocks that we will be watching in detail that we feel may be suitable at the right time. So... when is the right time? Show More

A first strike at Global Masters Fund. As for All the Majors: it's a quiet day. Some dissent on the resolution to re-elect Trevor Gerber as a director of Vicinity Centres. Otherwise a lot of smaller AGMs today. Today's note highlights different examples of the resolutions where shareholders express dissent:... Show More