Have you missed the gold rush, or is it just beginning? Gold offers valuable diversification benefits for investors, especially given the current state of the global economy. Following the last gold bull market which ended in 2011 with gold @ US$1900 and the sequent downturn which has gold now trading at US$1200, the outlook remains in my opinion is bullish, from here. The falling gold price, has made companies more discipline from an operation level through to capital management. This will determine company's ability to to sustain strong margins and provide dividends for shareholders. Not with standing the recent drop in both oil and the currency, in most cases this has dramatically improved returns and the next round of quarterly's will show some interesting results for an unloved sector.


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James Marlay

It is an interesting space at the moment, NCM has rallied 50% since November last year but as you point out the broad economic picture seems to have deteriorated even further during that period. We have had a few gold bugs in hiding for the past 12 months on Livewire so we will try and dig up a few additional views. Thanks for your post