High growth names still attractive for Hyperion. Tim Samway from Hyperion Asset Management has used the recent pullback as an opportunity to add to existing positions in high growth names such as REA Group and Domino's Pizza. He says that focusing on short term moves is a dangerous distraction for investors and recommends keeping perspective on the longer term opportunities. If we descend into week by week analysis you trip yourself up in noise... We look at the opportunities and this correction has allowed us to add to some of the stocks that we like. Following a recent visit to their international operations Hyperion remains convinced of the longer term prospects for Domino's Pizza. Samway says, we would rather a $45 stock goes through $35 on it's way to $80 as it gives us a better opportunity. In this video Samway touches on a number of the high growth names that have been sold down and discusses a new opportunity they are seeing in Veda Group. (VIEW LINK)