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Not every stock will play the same role within a portfolio. Some companies will be in a portfolio for valuation reasons, others will be there because of their high-quality or defensive nature while some stocks will be in a portfolio for the yield.

In this exclusive video, Olivia Engel, CIO – Active Quantitative Equity, State Street Global Advisors, reminds investors that while the role each company plays in a portfolio may be different, a portfolio should be built to withstand a multitude of different future scenarios.

Watch below to learn about the importance of building a portfolio that can weather all kinds of unforeseen outcomes.

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Rather than building portfolios around the stocks weights represented in the benchmark index, SSGA's approach explores the market’s full opportunity set, constructing a portfolio based on stocks total return and total risk characteristics. This means instead of constructing a portfolio relative to the benchmark, the Fund focuses on maximising return and managing total portfolio risk. Find out more by using the 'contact' button below.