Investing Aussie style - The dollar, real estate and the media Spending the last month in Australia has alerted me to some phenomenally naive and irresponsible media. I want to discuss my own trades and bring some perspective which might help readers in forming their own views of the markets. Firstly, I could not believe it as I watched the 6 pm Australian nightly news and they are running a segment about how far the Aussie dollar has gone down and how much lower it will go. Like it was inevitable. Like they know. One investment rule I adopted after observations in the last ten years is that whenever main stream media pushes front page or headlines about how good the stock market is, its a top and time to sell, whenever the media front pages a headline about how bad the stock market is, it is a raging buy. Read more here... (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

Hi Dan thanks for sharing this blog and agree with your sentiments. I suspect long AUD would be a pretty lonely trade at the moment but great to see another perspective on the currency.