In times past, ordinary mortals found it hard to get access to those new floats unless the promoters were having trouble filling them. That’s changing now, thanks to technology, and the returns in recent times have been very good indeed. In 2015 IPOs returned 24% on average. We reported last week that investors in companies that have used our technology to buy the 25 mainly small companies we floated since they started in October 2013 would have found themselves ahead by significant amounts, particularly if they held on to the shares for a year. If they’d bought the full spread of 25 floats, investors would have been up: 5.1% if they sold on the first day 9.3% if they sold at the end of the first month 30.6% if they sold at the end of the first 3 months 86.3% if they sold at the end of the first year. Because of the problem that ordinary investors had in the past to access these types of opportunities, this is still an ‘emerging’ asset class for most investors. More: (VIEW LINK)


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