Is the Big Mac dead or is it just economics? Today's news out of fast food giant McDonald's is anything but good. November sales were down in all three major regions for the burger chain, and were especially bad in the US. Global same-store sales fell 2.2% for the month, compared to the 1.7% decline analysts had expected. However, the US saw a whopping 4.6% slide. Given the relative strength of the US economy along with cheaper gas prices, it doesn't seem like the decline is driven by spending constraints. McDonald's is pointing to increasing competition in the space, and I have to agree. MCD is literally the last place I'd go in my region for a hamburger. There are several places which offer higher quality food for roughly the same price - and judging by the lines at the other places, it's not just me. For MCD to get back in the game, they need to focus on quality first and foremost. (VIEW LINK)