Throughout the later part of 2015, JCB highlighted that Chinese currency depreciation was a major theme for markets in 2016, and that a US Federal reserve rate hike(s) would create market instability. So far market volatility is playing out as expected, albeit at a faster pace. Bond correlations are providing excellent insulation for portfolio's, with solid capital gains and positive performance, as other markets suffer significant and ongoing declines. The JCB active bond fund is up around +2% (MTD unaudited). We believe powerful themes will continue throughout 2016 and we are please to provide the top themes to watch in 2016 from one of Australia's pre-eminent economic minds, JCB Advisory Board Economist, Saul Eslake. We are available to discuss any of these themes in greater detail should you wish on (03) 9653 9255 or (03) 9653 9266


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James Marlay

Thanks for sharing Angus, I'm looking forward to having a read through this.