Jeremey Grantham's investment team at GMO publishes a 7 year asset class forecast. These forecasts have an exceptional track record as to their accuracy and form the basis for allocations in their value strategy. Their most recent update presents a bearish outlook with all asset classes forecast to underperform the 6.5% long term average for US equities. Over the forecast period both large and small cap US equities are tipped to deliver negative returns with only high quality stocks delivering a positive 2.1% return. Internationals equities are forecast to deliver flat to modest returns with Emerging Markets the only equities class approaching the long term 6.5% average with expected returns of 4.1%. The bearish nature of this forecast has seen GMO position its value fund to profit in the case of a market correction or protracted period of negative returns. The latest 7 year forecast is available here: (VIEW LINK)

Canaccord Colts

Very interesting chart James. Negative gains from the US market's large stocks over the next seven years. not a great thought for the rest of us. Some quirky info there as well: the best anticipated asset class on the table is timber of all things.