The thing that excites Kerry Series, CEO of Eight Investment Partners about 1-Page (ASX:1PG) is that he believes investors have not recognised the true value in their database. This is a large and hard to replicate the database, in fact, if you’re on social media it is most likely that you are in it. Having 1.2 Billion profiles, enriched by scraping data, means 1-Page have an extremely useful recruitment tool. What is this database tool worth? Series, one of the co-founders of Perennial Partners, believes that “if you look at the amount of money spent on recruitment, if you look at companies with job boards, if you look at the valuation of Linkedin and you add them all together 1-Page is targeting a multi-billion dollar market cap opportunity with a better product than the existing players in the market place. So $600 million AUD market cap has started to recognise the value of that database but I don’t think it fully reflects the potential of 1-Page’s opportunity.” Watch below for more on the relationship between 1-Page and Linkedin.


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Tom R

Mmm, revenue of $158,900, but a loss of $8.5 million, down more than 950% from the prior corresponding period. Reminds me of Xero, how is their share price going, it's all wonderful until traders start taking profits....

James Marlay

It's a fair point - traditional valuation metrics go out the window and this type of business is not native to the ASX... LinkedIn is very well established with diversified revenue streams, so quite a different proposition.

Canaccord Genuity

Canaccord has recently published a report on 1-Page. Available here:

Mitch Sonogan

How did 1-Page acquire a database with 1.2 billion users? Are you saying that the data of these 1.2 billion users have the same details as those profiles that LinkedIn and Seek have (full CV's, cover letters etc)?? I would have thought that existing companies such as Seek and LinkedIn would have more accurate data on their users and stretching over a longer timeframe which would be useful to see how often these people move jobs, what jobs they are moving into etc. I don't see why these companies couldn't start targeting users in a similar way to 1-Page considering they have the data as well. It would be great to know more details about this database and what you think.

Brett Watson

Looking at the share price performance since this video it appears to have been a good one to have been a sceptic on.