James Marlay

Legislation just passed in Japan could accelerate Mesoblast's (MSB) entry into the largest market outside of the US. The legislation, specifically for stem cell technologies, enables products to come to market without having to progress through critical phase 3 trials. The development could save Mesoblast years and millions of dollars in reaching the large Japanese market. Mesoblast's CEO, Silviu Itescu, says he is modeling the business on leading Nasdaq biotech companies and plans to commence four phase 3 trials this year. Having multiple trials running simultaneously, cash in the bank and major partners to share the risks are important factors in justifying Mesoblast's $2 billion valuation. In an interview on Inside Business, Silviu Itescu (CEO) discusses the accelerated pathways now available to certain technologies, the Nasdaq style model he is creating and how investors can value the business based on the pipeline of phase 3 trials. (VIEW LINK)


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