Medibank, perfectly satisfies the investment checklist. 1.) Industry (healthcare) spending going up? YES 2.) Are there more people growing older? YES 3.) Competitive dividend and franking? YES 4.) Are they the biggest player? YES 5.) Scalability? YES 6.) Low margins, with potential upside? YES. Given the attractive Investment thesis and demand for the float, I think Medibank will perform very well on float day. The demand here at Shaw's is the strongest I've seen since Telstra 1. There's no way the government can be seen shafting the public, I think they will make a good go of this. Please click here to read full article (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

Julius, a regular question is being raised about the range in the pricing. I.E. Investors don't know exactly what they are bidding into from a pricing perspective. Are you assuming the offer prices at the top end of the raise and if so I assume you are still comfortable with this valuation?