CTD has been a stellar performer since their IPO in 2010. Jamie Pherous shares an update about the last 12 months and beyond. 

Summary :

LAST 12 MONTHS:  “ We continue to execute. We’ve had a very strong year particularly in organic growth…we know around the world clients want a mixture of service, technology and return on investment , and whenever we get that right we tend to outperform in term market share gains and if you overlay scale on that you get super out performance”

TECHNOLOGY: “We are doing it all in our house, in region, to make sure we catch the local nuances.” 

MARKET SIZE: “The market is $1.4 Trillion USD , so it’s an enormous market and that’s the opportunity for us and no one has ever got it right… Getting that optimised scale with acquisitions where we need it, particularly US and Europe ”

ACQUISITIONS: “Technology is an enabler .. you are freeing up your people to do more complex things…. and that’s been very successful for us . As we make acquisitions we’ve got the business practice , our meeting rhythms,  our systems and our technology and we've really got something to overlay to the acquisition.” 

FUTURE : “We’ve got a long way to go.. I keep saying that every year but it’s turning out to be true. We listed 8 years  ago with a bit under $350m in sales and now we are doing a bit under $5b this year with run rate of over $6b… The biggest player is $40b and that’s not that big in a market of $1.4 Trillion …the opportunity is immense...it’s a great industry to be in!”