"It's so much more about marketing than having a great tech idea" - listen to George Lucas, CEO of Raiz invest telling the story of how the company has grown to be an ASX listed Fintech with c$250m FUM and over 170,000 customers.

In this discussion we talk about the problem they are solving, the rebrand from Acorns, the listing ,  customer feedback,  input in to the platform and plans to scale.

James Marlay

Chris, where have you been? Great to have the podcast back on Livewire and looking forward to some more interviews. My requests: Follow up interview with Xero, interviews with Afterpay and NextDC.

Chris Titley

James - really great question and thanks for the feedback ! I have a plethora of content coming up before the end of the year and will take your comments on board regarding those companies - watch this space:)