Investing in global stocks requires a global perspective, says Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager at Perpetual. That means getting your feet on the ground and doing real research. In the video below, he shares a recent example from the Perpetual portfolio, and explains how they built conviction in their view.

“It’s critical that you get on the ground, visit businesses, and see them operate in their home markets. Cultures are very different, so it’s really hard to understand global businesses without travelling the world.”

Key points:

  • Despite recent volatility, the underlying economies of the world are still performing strongly
  • This is flowing through to strong demand from consumers and businesses
  • It’s critical when investing overseas to get on the ground and see how businesses are performing in their home markets
  • Mondelez is one of the largest global snacking businesses, owning Oreo, Toblerone, Cadbury, and many others
  • Watch the full video to hear Garry Laurence explain his view on Mondelez.

Further insights

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