Whether it be visiting the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal or simply a Balinese nightclub, Asia has long been a region popular with Australians. The region has also been experiencing enormous economic growth. It is no surprise then that the Platinum Asia Investments Fund (PAI) has been a hot topic with many members. The company aims to raise $150 million in an offer that closes on 7 September 2015. Each share will be offered at the price of $1.00 and will come with an option to subscribe for another share at $1.00 before 15 May 2017. PAI will use the proceeds to invest in Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore amongst others but not Japan. <a href="https://www.intelligentinvestor.com.au/platinum-asia-calling" target="_blank" data-event-type="click" data-event="link_click">(VIEW LINK)</a>