Have you ever wondered about the business model behind all those bikes that have popped up around town? Well that’s one of the items on the agenda for this week’s episode of Inside Investing, a joint initiative between Livewire and Cuffelinks.

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On the Agenda

  • Retail revival – has the market gone too bearish on retails stocks
  • Goals based investing – flipping the question on your investing objectives
  • Global LICs are killing it right now
  • The Australian housing market… need I say more
  • The most misleading investment statistic going around?
  • The Future Generation Investment Forum should be a cracker
  • A feature on short selling
  • How those pesky bikes are going to make money (check out the image below)
  • A truly practical use for Bitcoin

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About those bikes...

Oh yeah... How about this picture showing a massive pile of trashed share bikes in China!! Full story here: (VIEW LINK)


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Boyd Peters

Thumbs up. PSA if anyone can't hear sound for some reason you can use free tool http://en.savefrom.net/ to insert the weblink and it will download and play.