Two years ago, retail stocks were performing well, while mining services companies were just about on life support. At the time, switching from one to the other looked like madness. However, investors that did were well rewarded. For example, JB Hi-Fi is off by 27% since its mid-2016 high, while Macmahon is up 83%. But … is the tide now turning back? Should investors take some money off the table from mining services stocks, and deploy selectively in the retail space where Amazon-anxiety has created value. We asked Andrew Mitchell from Ophir, and Prasad Patkar from Platypus for their take on these two sectors, asking what is driving them, and where the risk and opportunities may lie.

r phelps

am I losing my hearing or did Matthew say "nucular" instead of "nuclear" [pron NEW KLEE AR] I do not wish to seem pedantic, however, English mispronunciation seems to be rife even among smart business people these days. But to the feature BHS; good commentary as usual but no specific stocks mentioned. Why?

James Marlay

Hi there, this segment was purely focussed on the two sectors and we occasionally run one of these shows in addition to our regular Buy Hold Sell shows. We have our regular Friday show coming up - which will be the final episode for the year.