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Undiscovered, under researched and under owned

Livewire Exclusive

Arden Jennings, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Ausbil MicroCap Fund, says the majority of his time is spent on 'bottom up' analysis of companies outside the ASX200. The Ausbil approach is described as 'style neutral' - which means they can invest wherever they find the best opportunities. Jennings says they're ideal... Show More

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How to survive and prosper in bumpy markets

Livewire Exclusive

Three of Australia’s leading fund managers explain how they are approaching investing at this late stage of the cycle. Our panellists discuss whether we’re already in a correction, their number one concern in today’s market, and they each share a stock idea from their part of the market. Show More

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Small caps for long-term outperformance

David Allingham

There will always be periods where small caps underperform, but over the long term we believe the case for small caps to structurally outperform is stronger than ever. Reasons for this include the high level of inside ownership & alignment with investors. We like the leverage smalls have to M&A... Show More

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Themes and stocks from the WAM Funds’ portfolios

Patrick Poke

At today’s WAM Funds presentation, Chief Investment Officer, Chris Stott, shared some of the key themes and holdings from their current portfolio. He covers their views on the Australian economy, mining services, and retail. He also discusses a company that hadn’t received a visit from an analyst in two years. Show More

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Time to switch back into retail?

Buy Hold Sell

Two years ago, retail stocks were performing well, while mining services companies were just about on life support. At the time, switching from one to the other looked like madness. However, investors that did were well rewarded. For example, JB Hi-Fi is off by 27% since its mid-2016 high, while... Show More

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Imdex set to benefit from mining recovery

Jack Collopy

Imdex has internally developed a fleet of tools and products which it leases to drillers for use during exploration. Imdex have had significant success with their traditional core orientation tools and are progressively seeing increased demand for newer cost-saving technologies. Current R&D expenditure is focused on developing tools for the... Show More

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Macmahon's Indonesian Adventure

Steve Johnson

Mining services company Macmahon has been in the wars for most of the past decade. As the largest holding in Forager's Australian Shares Fund, we are anticipating the next decade being better. In this video we discuss our recent trip to Indonesia, new contract wins and the importance of Macmahon's... Show More

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Magic and Mistakes in Mining Services

Steve Johnson

My father used to take me to the horse races as a child. It became something of a father-son thing over the years – usually expensive but always entertaining. It never mattered which horse won. Dad had “looked at it” and “shoulda backed it”. It happened so often we started... Show More

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Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170627

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on the open before recovering to finish flat. Resources and Financials help to hold the market from profit taking in the big industrial sectors. The best performing sectors were Miners, Banks and Energy while the worst performers were Utilities, Staples and Health Care. On the sector/stock front….(1)... Show More

Further signs of life in Mining Services

Andrew Smith

Imdex delivered a 24% lift in EBITDA on 10% revenue growth for the 1H17. The most impressive performance came from the REFLEX Instruments division with 20% growth in tools on hire. The 2H17 is also off to a strong start with 26% growth in January 2017 – a clear sign... Show More

mining services ASX:IMD February 2017 Reporting Season

A sector that stands out in terms of uncertainty

Livewire Exclusive

With reporting season picking up pace, Livewire interviewed Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor of FN Arena. Rudi has kindly allowed Livewire to publish his ‘Reporting Season Monitor’ for Livewire readers each week, and ahead of this, we interviewed him to get his thoughts of how this season might unfold. He makes the... Show More

Signs of life in Mining Services

Andrew Smith

Runge Pincock Minarco provides software and advisory work for mining companies, and provided a strong earnings update this week. This will see the company produce $3.1m EBITDA for the 1H17, despite higher R&D spend. Given software license sales are usually skewed to the 4th quarter, they are well placed to... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Market popped up on the open with US positive sentiment and then traded sideways and choppy for the rest of the day. There is a bit of macro data out today….China data were solid while Canadian rates update, UK unemployment, US housing starts, US Fed beige book and the third... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Market closed negative ahead of a raft of macro data and US reporting season worries. The data continues to support US Fed rate hike while China data remains robust. The US reporting season had a good start with financials and that may continue with better rate cycle outlook. The local... Show More

Sunset Strip | Aussie Afternoon Institutional Market Wrap

Mathan Somasundaram

Market closed slightly positive on a volatile choppy day. We have a few Fed speeches to come tomorrow while the last one calmed the market on rate rise speed. FOMC minutes to come out tomorrow night while US reporting season also kicks off tonight with Alcoa. US market likely to... Show More

GR Engineering Stands Out

Steve Johnson

Mining services is a sector where poor margins, woeful returns on capital and poor management decisions seem to be the norm. One company that bucks the trend, though, is GR Engineering. Since listing in 2011, annual revenue has ranged between $110 million and $217m. But despite this inherent volatility the... Show More

mining services ASX:GNG GR Engineering

Market Manager | September update – Adding growth before AGM season

Mathan Somasundaram

Global markets are recovering from the recent pullback on central bank uncertainty and US election worries. The yield squeeze pressures are beginning to wane while European bank worries are coming back to haunt the markets. Local market is moving into AGM season and that will raise the risk of substantial... Show More

Selling pickaxes to miners

Perpetual Limited

Imdex is a global provider of downhole instrumentation, drilling fluids and equipment. What sets Imdex apart from other mining services companies is the IP which it has developed within its products allowing it to become a leader in its field and providing high barriers to entry. In our longform below,... Show More

mining services perpetual ASX:IMD Longform

Significant upside in ALS

Wilson Asset Management

Matt Haupt, Portfolio Manager of WAM Leaders (ASX:WLE), has shared his bullish assessment on the outlook for mining services company ALS. Haupt says; “The reason we like this stock at the moment is because we think we’re in the midst of a recovery in the mining sector after a very... Show More

mining services ASX:WLE ASX:ALS

The worst is over for mining services

Livewire Exclusive

In a fascinating interaction at second Livewire Live investor forum last week, Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management and Ben Griffiths from Eley Griffiths Group agreed that the worst could be over for mining services companies. Geoff Wilson went as far as saying that they had recently taken up positions... Show More

mining services ASX:MLD Livewire Live ASX:SXE

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