Private Health Insurance premiums are once again in the news. Each time there's an increase I think of clients, friends and family who all see the value of maintaining cover yet despair at the seeminly endless cost increases. This is not a partisan comment (noting that there is a gap between 6.2% & 5.6% increases) - what I'd love to see is some serious debate around reform and purpose. Where are the financial incentives via premium discounts that promote healthy living (active & non-smoker discounts)? Legislation needs updating to permit this. To improve HealthInsurer's profit don't mandate more revenue, have them invest in the health of their clients which will reduce future claims expense (event target 30% health rebate at such programs). Surely healthier Aussies means a more sustainable system, improved lifestyle and productivity increases. Win/win. Any Economists out there with a view?

James Marlay

Sloan I am not an economist but I can definitely see a precedent or path being set in the car insurance industry. The ability for insurers to customise and reward clients based on their record, habits and behaviour is now a competitive point of difference. The variables, however, when it comes to vehicles are relatively uniform and easy to measure. Health/longevity/susceptibility for individuals is a far more complicated variable to measure. Regardless I agree with your sentiment.