Rahul Baharawal

As an individual long-term investor with a portfolio down/in negative by than 20-30% in March, I froze and couldn't think straight and missed out on many cheap-valuation deals on offer - despite knowing well and full from decades of reading academic & financial books that this is the time to buy up quality stocks at low prices. I take it as a lesson from you is to write up a plan (covering pyschological and investment mindset) during good times for when the opportunity (a major correction) presents itself! Thanks for the wire/lessons shared.


Excellent again James (and the sound, vision and lighting are superb too).

James Marlay

Thanks for the feedback folks. Feels like a while since I've done a deep dive interview so enjoyed sitting down with Vince. Glad you got some value from the discussion and as always I really appreciate you tuning in to Livewire.