Quarterly equity market data recently released by ASIC provided insight into the complexity of trading in today's stock market. Average trade size for the March quarter was steady at $5,300, down from $11,000 a few years ago as buy-sides continue the transition to algorithmic trading. Dark trading accounted for 26% of the market and represented a critical source of liquidity for large investors. Despite the recent negative attention on HFT, the order-to-trade ratio has only crept up to a relatively low 8.1:1, testament to effective regulation. So what do we make of the data? The structural change affecting the Australian equity market continues, forcing investors to change the way they execute trades. Those that adapt can access more liquidity and transact at better prices. Those that don't will miss out on liquidity and experience an avoidable drag on their performance. The market has changed...have you? (VIEW LINK) (VIEW LINK)