Henry Jennings

Seems I can't even go to the Dentist yesterday afternoon without the market falling apart...couple of reasons..Taper talk and the lack of action from the Chinese Plenum...seriously, when did a bunch of Politicians ever get together and match the rhetoric with action...hardly ever..anyway it does not seem to matter to the US where the Taper should have the most impact as their market continues to bubble around the all-time highs..minutes ago new Fed Chief Yellen (not drowning) announced that the US economy was not creating enogh jobs for her liking..except hers of course .read more at (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

Henry there has also been some interesting discussion around the impact that all these IPO's have been having on the market. I.E. pulling liquidity away from the secondary market as small cap fund managers are allocating their money to the IPO's. Your thoughts/experience?

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