Sundance Resources investors now have a chance to participate in a genuinely high quality and long life iron ore development with the company's erstwhile Chinese suitors out of the way. The company is seeking expressions of interest for construction of the necessary transport infrastructure and for offtake arrangements to facilitate finance for the $5 billion African development. Timing is good with providers of logistics solutions currently underemployed. With 35 million tonnes of annual low cost production possible by 2017, investors could expect a good return on an existing market valuation now approaching just $400 million even after a 30% share price jump today. Understandably, investors are reticent to embrace a company that has so frequently disappointed them before but they should know by the end of 2013 (i.e. in a matter of a few weeks) if the new plan will deliver the goods.

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John, this has been a serial disappointment, however, the asset truly is tier 1 which is why they have made it as far as they have. Yesterday's move in SDL was very bullish for junior resources