Sunset Strip | Aussie market maintained the negative trend with lack of any global sentiment and rising Japanese growth risk. Japan showed today that these G20 growth targets are as good as climate change policy...if you don't have a solid plan, just start a committee and work out a way to change the target and move the measurement post to come to you...success is guaranteed. Yield thematic is going to remain the key investment thematic with low and declining growth and rising unemployment. The positive big moves short covering in small miners and gold stocks recovering from very low levels. Apart from a few food small cap stocks like AAC, RIC and TGR, the China FTA is not seen to change any real dynamics in the next few years. Market has been in the down trend in line with our short term profit take call from the 6th November. Trading idea of the day: (CRZ). Monday's Macro Stock Pick: Henderson Group (HGG). Chart of the day: Prime Media (PRT). (VIEW LINK)