1. Local market continues the positive momentum with US optimism and better commodity prices. 2. Resources were the resounding strength that held the market up today. 3. US markets are pricing in tax cut optimism but the Republican party has been talking about finding cuts to balance the effect. The most likely outcome is a compromised tax cut in the low 20’s with offset budget cuts. The risk is that the overall effect in the short term may be negative for consumer spending. 4. US Dollar Index continues to recover from the recent lows and should start to pullback AUDUSD after recent rally. 5. Commodity prices continue to surprise markets on the upside...esp on Iron Ore. We see downside risk in Iron Ore and Coal with supply /demand dynamics while other underperforming commodities are beginning to get market attention. 6. Mining Services sector remains cheap recovery story as the unexpected commodity cycle recovery in 2016 will start to flow solid cashflow and support better capex outlook. (VIEW LINK)


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