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James Gerrish

I felt like I was one of only a handful in the city today with the Easter School Holidays overlapping ANZAC Day and creating the perfect excuse to take or extend holidays. The market reflected it with the index closing flat. Gold stocks did well today on the... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Woolworths’ interim result last month disappointed and the shares fell briefly before rebounding to where they were before the result: around $30. Does this mean there is nothing to worry about after all and the stock is a buy? Show More

There is one specific reason as to why I would caution investors to have high expectations about the local share market post October carnage, and that is because of US government bond yields, in itself the trigger to global share market weakness over the past two months. Show More

Clime Asset Management

For ASX investors, BHP Billiton shares have emerged as a frontline exposure to the US-China trade conflict, which explains the recent retracement below $31 after the earlier April-June rally priced in the benefits of divesting the non-core US shale assets. The softness in the share price should get the attention... Show More

Steve McCarthy

Investor psychology is arguably the biggest determinant of long term investment success, and has a greater impact upon long term investment performance than even asset allocation or stock selection. In this article we look at 6 money making secrets based upon the powerful world of behavioral finance. Show More

"We no longer doubt that the US administration’s proposals signal the direction of trade policy. An escalatory cycle of protectionist actions, not just rhetoric, has begun and will continue. It’s another reason why pressure should continue in risk markets, which now must eat their US policy vegetables after feasting on... Show More

Mark Tobin

Silex Systems (SLX: ASX) a long time listed uranium play is cutting a forlorn figure these days on the ASX boards. SLX recently announced that it had failed to resolve all the due diligence issues with regards to its purchase of 76% of is GLE joint venture from its JV... Show More

Tim Kelley

Many investment managers use quantitative screens to focus their attention on the investment opportunities that are most likely to reward close study, and we are certainly among them. Over the years we have built software tools that make it easy for us to analyse the historic performance of a wide... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Before delving into some of the specifics, we believe it is worthwhile recapping where NGI has come from, to better appreciate some of the successes now becoming increasingly observable. It’s been quite a journey for the US-based Navigator Global Investments (NGI). Formerly known as HFA Holdings (HFA), NGI is the... Show More