Angela Mangan

The overnight rally has resulted in Brent crude completing an upward reversal / closing above key resistance, thereby generating a technical buy signal. The technical outlook has turned positive.The minimum upside technical price target is located at US$38.90 - the minimum expectation for a rally. As detailed in recent Wires(VIEW LINK), the stock technicals have led the related commodity given oil stock buy signals had been generated prior to the (brent) oil price.


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James Marlay

Angela, how do technical signals hold up in such volatile markets?

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Angela Mangan

Day to day movements won’t alter the trend after a signal is generated i.e Just as there is very specific criteria that needs to met to generate a technical signal, very specific criteria needs to be me to invalidate a signal. In the case of brent, a downside break of a key support level would be required to negate the current buy signal.

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