Jason Sedawie

I was astounded to read this week that just one in five millennials have eaten a Big Mac. Millennials are flocking to more natural but better quality burgers the type Shake Shack sells. McDonald's focus on speed (nearly 70% of sales in the US are drive through) makes it difficult to offer more natural, better tasting burgers. Disruption usually occurs from cheaper products but in this case McDonalds is being disrupted from above. Shake Shack offers 100% all natural angus beef, no hormones and antibiotics, wine and even snacks for dogs. Its the brand for Millennials. McDonald's image is that of a soft drink and Big Mac. The introduction of all day breaky has been a success for McDonald's there is a reason they have 36,500 stores globally. While Shake Shack has only 50 stores in the US and another 50 globally with plans for 450 restaurants domestically. Shake Shack is a big brand in a small company. Disruption doesn't just occur in technology. McDonald's is the baby boomers brand, Shake Shack is the brand for millennials.


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