The rich keep getting richer, at least according to Bloomberg Markets

Jay Soloff

The rich keep getting richer, at least according to Bloomberg Markets. Bloomberg reports that this year's top 100 billionaires have accumulated $200 billion this year - bringing their totals fortunes to a whopping $2.1 trillion. The youngest billionaire on the list is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. He's only 29 but is worth $24.5 billion. Zuckerberg was also the biggest gainer this year as FB shares have been on a nice run (up 78% for the year). The top spot on the list is once again occupied by Bill Gates of Microsoft, who knocked Carlos Slim (Mexican telecom giant) to #2 overall. Gates' fortune reached nearly $73 billion. MSFT shares are also trading near multi-year highs and have gained 45% year-to-date. The strong overall year for equities, particularly in the US, certainly has been a boon for the rich. Here's the article: (VIEW LINK)

Jay Soloff

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