Carlos Cobelas

The Chinese Communist and Propaganda party's handling of this was an utter disgrace , trying to hide it, arresting and punishing doctors who tried to warn about it, telling the WHO that human to human transmission does not occur, and swiping 90 tons of medical protective equipment from under our noses. I will never again invest in Chinese shares, managed funds or ETFs. Totally disgusted.

Jim Simpson

I found the article useful and informative. Commenting on the "no atheists in foxholes"sermon; this is an unprovable statement and I suspect there are just as many atheists in foxholes as anywhere else. If there aren't it says more about man's fear of the unknown than the existence of God.

Richard Beardshall

Trump's approval ratings have risen sharply during the crisis especially among Democrat voters. If these are swing voters then his re-election chances are strong.