Factory of the World to Silicon Valley of the East

Eng-Teck Tan

China might seem like an unlikely candidate for innovation as it is traditionally better known for contract or original equipment manufacturing. However, with its natural advantage of a vast talent pool, financing and market access, China has most of the ingredients needed to transform into the “Silicon Valley of the... Show More

China innovation disruption Nikko Asset Management.

Make Australia Gold Again!

Jordan Eliseo

Gold prices have steadied in the last few trading days, after correcting over the last month in the face of a rallying USD, and a sharp unwind in speculative positions. Show More

gold banking usd rba China central banks bundesbank

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China - New Pollution Controls

Rodney  Forrest

China is Australia's largest trading partner and this week China announced new pollution controls that have gone largely unnoticed. We have previously written on Livewire about China and the Energy Revolution that is taking place with: Show More

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The fastest growing opportunity in real estate

Livewire Exclusive

The Asian listed property trust sector can’t be ignored. From inception in 2001, it is a sector worth around $260 billion today. With growth now twice that of the US market, and with India and China on the verge of entering the sector, this is an opportunity that will continue... Show More

india China reits apn property Asian REITS corrine ng

Australia's $20 billion question

Livewire Exclusive

There is approximately $20 billion of market capitalisation on the ASX with exposure to the demands of the Chinese consumer. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a tour of China where he saw first-hand some of the changes and trends that are taking place. One observation... Show More

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The Big Long

Rodney  Forrest

Michael Burry ran Scion Capital Hedge Fund, with aggregate returns of 489% net of fees and expenses, over a decade. He made his name during the Global Financial Crisis betting against, or shorting, the housing bubble, with credit default swaps. Show More

Iron Ore: Is the price about to roll?

Chris Watling

Chinese steel consumption is the most significant variable in determining the iron ore price. China consumes over half of the world’s iron ore each year. As such, and while supply themes play a role, cycles of Chinese credit growth and housing activity are the key factors in determining iron ore... Show More

Australia iron ore China

Two-child policy a tailwind for a2 Milk

Dushko Bajic

With great growth prospects and a share price increase of 272% over the past 12 months, a2 Milk Company (A2M) shareholders won’t be crying over spilt milk any time soon. Below, we outline some of the reasons why a2 Milk remains one of our highest conviction stock picks. Show More

China Colonial First State Global Asset Management ASX:A2M

A big shift in China

Livewire Exclusive

For many years China has had a single focus of delivering high GDP growth. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a visit to China and says two important shifts are taking place. One is a focus on sustainability and the environment ahead of growth. The other... Show More

resources steel China coal ASX:BSL ASX:WHC

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You better run, you better take cover

Brett Gillespie

September 27th, 1983. What comes to mind? What if I include the quote from Bob Hawke? “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum”. If you are over 45, you will know straight away. It was the day the yacht Australia II won the... Show More

The New Criterion: the real stock tapping the infant formula boom

Tim Boreham

Clover Corp has been a big winner from the China-led boom in infant formula, but by supplying a key ingredient rather than the end product. Meanwhile, other dairy suppliers have refused to follow the herd and are diversifying into goat’s milk. Show More

China small caps ASX:AHF ASX:CLV ASX:WHA ASX:BUB infant formula

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Is it time to sell US equities and bonds?

Christopher Joye

In my AFR column I reflect on Xi Jinping's masterful manipulation of Donald Trump and why a profound change in global hedging costs could radically reduce the returns Australian investors receive when allocating to US equities and US bonds (click on that link to read for free or AFR subs... Show More

equities bonds China donald trump Xi Jinping

Shifting global trade patterns bring new opportunities.

Paul Hennessy

In his latest investment insight, Rob Lovelace, Vice Chairman of Capital Group, explores the profound changes occurring in global trade and key themes investors should consider. Show More

How a trade war could benefit China

Ken Liow

The prospect of a trade war has become more significant again. While China may fare worse than the US in this scenario, there are some broader implications that could enhance China's power on the global stage, not least via the One Belt One Road initiative. Here I discuss this and... Show More

Join the conversation – the Amazon of China

Peters MacGregor Capital Management (JD) is often referred to as China’s Amazon. However, JD is online retail shopping with a difference. Firstly, buying behaviour and the online shopping experience in China is quite different to Australia and the United States. Online shoppers in Australia typically buy discretionary items such as books, shoes and... Show More

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Chart Of The Week: China Property Outlook

Callum Thomas

This week the "Chart of the Week" is focused on the outlook for China's property market. The Chinese property market is perhaps one of the most important markets in the world, if not the most. What happens to this market has direct flow-on effects to global commodity prices, emerging markets... Show More

commodities China china property Chinese property

Starbucks China - The Opportunity

Lachlan Hughes

Starbucks is an American coffee company founded in Seattle in 1971. The company operates 27,339 locations across the world. Starbucks serves an assortment of hot and cold beverages, pre-packaged food, and snacks. Following a sustained period of above average growth, Starbucks is experiencing a slow down in comparable store sales... Show More

China coffee Starbucks SBUX thematic investing

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Credit Snapshots from February 2018

Jonathan Rochford

With the increase in the American overnight rate and long term bond yields questions are starting to be asked about whether the federal government debt load is sustainable. As interest rates increase, so does the interest bill. Neither major political party seems to care, they have taken turns at making... Show More

credit China us debt apra

Watling: Zombies, Canaries and Cheap Money

Livewire Exclusive

In January, market commentary was almost universally bullish. Ray Dalio, the billionaire US Hedge Fund Manager told the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos that those holding cash were “going to feel pretty stupid.” One of the few voices urging caution was that of Chris Watling, CEO and... Show More

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China: What to Expect in the Year of the Dog

Dr. Mary Manning

China has finished the Year of the Rooster on a strong note. The Hang Seng China Enterprise Index (HSCEI) was one of the best performing markets in the world in January up over 15%. The Hang Seng Index also performed strongly up 10%. While the global market volatility in early... Show More

China ellerston capital hong kong hang seng