Tobias Yao

I have just returned from China, looking at how Australian goods such as infant formula are sold and marketed, given the strong Chinese demand for such products. Being able to speak with shop attendants in their native language let me get to the source of information. In this wire, I... Show More

Brett Gillespie

The year is 1991. I’m trading Australian interest rates on the proprietary desk for Bankers Trust. The desk is headed by Richard Farleigh. And the quarterly CPI number is about to be released. In those days, there was 3 opportunities to “trade” a CPI number. First our economist, Andre Morony,... Show More

James Marlay

One of Australia’s most iconic funds management firms will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. From humble beginnings with just $30 million of assets under management Paradice Investment Management today manages ~$16 billion across five strategies invested in Australian and Global Equities. The culture at Paradice is performance focused, which... Show More

Brad Potter

Interestingly this week we saw some new information coming out of China where they've stopped Australian imports of coal going into the Dalian port. We've known about the slowdown in processing of coal, particularly Australian coal in a number of other ports, so this new information was interesting and certainly... Show More