Nathan Lim

This month's Portfolio Reflections, we visit energy efficiency. We believe energy efficiency is a lasting investment thematic that is relevant regardless of the broader economic backdrop. It does not matter how the economy is doing as businesses and households will always be interested in saving money. While cleantech investing has historically been the realm of technology start-ups with unproven business models, regular companies are moving aggressively into the space recognising that innovation coupled with a strong financial position and experience can lead to disruptive advancements and increased differentiation from competitors. For investors this means investments can be made in lower risk companies while maintaining exposure to the secular efficiency/cleantech thematic. (VIEW LINK)


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Nathan Lim

I'll call you later today.

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James Marlay

Nathan, I really enjoyed this wire on energy efficiency. Do you think you could put together a wire covering a specific stock thesis in this space that you are happy to discuss? Perhaps an example of a domestic stock that has the attributes you describe in your energy efficiency discussion?

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