Livewire Equities

Tinkler's having trouble getting a meeting in New York. Nathan Tinkler was crowned ''Australia's youngest ever billionaire'' at the age of 35. Just two years later his creditors are circling. Everything Tinkler owns is on the market, including his jet, for which the original vendor never received the full $16 million. Yet the big man still has some cash left, thanks to a US hedge fund that wants its money back. The word on the street is that Tinkler has been in New York trying to drum up a bid for Whitehaven, the company he once owned. His final hope is to engineer a takeover of Whitehaven so 34 million ''milestone shares'' he owns will vest with a change of control. Sources in New York suggest that he is ''having trouble getting a meeting''. It seems thermal coal is not in vogue these days. Read more: (VIEW LINK)


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