Very few of the 7.4 billion people on this planet would be left with a rosy impression of Donald Trump's character or credentials following a bitter campaign that has dominated traditional and social channels for what has felt like forever. In the words of Peter Hall, CEO of Hunter Hall International, during our Buy Hold Sell Special on US Election day: “Trump is a crook. He’s a bad person to deal with, he’s an isolationist, he’s fiscally profligate, and has no experience of government”. The market may need the weekend ahead of us to digest the election of the most disliked candidate in US election history, before trying to determine what the new rules may be in 'The Era of President Trump' . The question then is: What ARE Trump’s policies? In a speech given at Gettysburg last month, he delivered a little reported eighteen-point plan. Chaos lies ahead. Here it is in its entirety: