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Henry Jennings

Tuesday market wrap.An anaemic day as commodity stocks slid after falls in base metals and gold overnight and a less than inspiring outlook form the Chinese economy as the latest official PMI slipped to 56 from last month's 56.3.Nothing more than a flesh would but with a market struggling to find a new upward momentum it was sufficient to keep things weaker across the board. We waited of course with baited breath for the RBA decision at 2.30pm and of course we had no huge surprise as Uncle Glenn kept things on hold. Expect a little more of that as the RBA would be pretty chuffed with itself in the last few months.Read more at (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

Henry is there a related link or article to that last point in your note? UK business sources gas from Us shale would seem to be of more than just passing interest to the likes of Origin, Shell.....