What if your business had a critical ‘churn event’? That is, a period in time when a large number of your existing customers switched from your product or service to a competitor’s. Rather than advertising continuously in an attempt to prevent churn; what if there was a product that enabled your business to know which of your customers was approaching a churn event in the coming weeks? Further, what if this product allowed your business to contact that existing customer prior to the churn event to make an offer to them that would prevent churn… This is exactly what Updater Inc (UPD) does. Via a user friendly web application Updater helps people move home and in doing so captures time sensitive and therefore extremely valuable data that they can on-sell to businesses to help them reduce churn. Updater is now servicing ~85,000 moves per month, and in this report we look at this significant opportunity in more detail, and discuss potential applications for the tech being trialled by one of the largest US insurance companies.