Want a smoother ride? Schroders Real Return fund now on the ASX

Schroders Australia

At Schroders our objective based approach focuses on delivering a more stable return experience with an appropriate level of risk. The Schroder Real Return Fund is an efficient solution for investors seeking smoother, real returns. Our approach is an actively managed, objective based fund with the flexibility to adapt to changing markets, which helps to protect investors from bearing the full brunt of falls and has resulted in reduced losses when markets decline. Since inception in 2008 the Schroder Real Return strategy has delivered capital growth whilst managing volatility and drawdowns during periods of significant volatility (see chart). This same strategy is now available to investors via the ASX using the ticker ASX:GROW. In this video we discuss why we believe an objective based approach is a smarter way to invest. (VIEW LINK).

Schroders Australia

Schroders is a UK-listed global asset manager that's been operating in Australia for over 50 years. We actively manage money for retail and institutional clients across a range of Australian and global equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies.


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