Wilson Asset Management

Geoff Wilson, Chairman of Wilson Asset Management, looks at the current volatility as an opportunity. "As an investor I get very excited when we go into a bear market because I know that a lot of opportunities will present themselves," Wilson said. "The market is cyclical, it gets overvalued and it gets undervalued, and when you go from a bull market to a bear market you know you are getting closer to the bottom." The to go ‘all-in’ is not yet here though. ”It's when everyone gives up," he says. "You're looking for people to tell you 'I'm never going to invest in the stock market again.” What will they be doing when that moment comes? "The first thing we doing is buying companies at a discount to cash , then assets at a discount, and then we're buying companies with leverage and which the market doesn't believe will survive, but which we believe will, because you will make multiples of your money." (VIEW LINK) (AFR subscription required)


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