Where has the growth gone? You have to know where to look

Nathan Bell

Investors with a portfolio of top-20 Australian stocks have recently been asking where the growth has gone. Looking at global GDP figures you’d be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t any growth anywhere. At least not that’s available at an attractive price, given the current high valuations for stocks offering seemingly predictable earnings growth or yield. In this article we look at an example currently in our portfolio, but there are some broader implications for investors. First, Australian investors need to look beyond our beautiful shores. The value of investing abroad is that you’re more likely to find industries with plenty of growth ahead. Even better, occasionally you can play the same trend several times in different countries to make the most of your insights. Second, you need to be opportunistic, as our example shows. As long as humans operate in financial markets, shares prices will be more volatile than the intrinsic value of businesses they're based on. Third, having entrepreneurial management is worth its weight in gold, particularly in a slow growth environment. Read more: (VIEW LINK)

Nathan Bell

Nathan has over 20 years' investment experience. Before joining Peters MacGregor, he worked for 9 years at Intelligent Investor, including 4 years as a Portfolio Manager. Nathan is a CFA charterholder



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