Nathan Thomas

I’ve been a loyal commsec users for over 20 yrs. I love the platform. But lately there have been a lot of issues with their data. For example different screens show different % movement in stocks. Wild fluctuations. And I don’t feel I can trust the website anymore. I’ve emailed examples of errors I have found and they respond that they are working on it. Or that some pages include the x-chi exchange others don’t. But it’s just nit good enough. With the royal commission and CBA brand damage I’m keen to have zero business with the big 4 banks so this is a timely article. I’ll join up and see what they’re like

Ed Smith

I have been using the Commsec platform for at least 20 years and have been pretty happy with it. I particularly like the new Viewpoint application which allows me to customise the way I can monitor my stocks of interest as I am a frequent derivatives trader and the current Viewpoint works really well. Ed Smith

simon pardi

im currently with commsec .If you sign up for normal trading with bell the data is delayed 20mins . i dont see delayed data with commsecs normal trading platform. do you have to pay that extra $10 per month with bell to match commsec ?

Pete Poland

re Simon P You can pay the $10 fee per month and have access to up to date data, I have been with Bell Direct for around 9 or so years and if I trade more than 5 trades in amount then the $10 fee is waived, keep in mind that this fee may also be tax deductible depending on your circumstances.


I agree with you totally Nathan. I have been with the CBA FOR OVER 43 YEARS and commsec 22 yrs and they both seem to have increased their arrogance since the royal commission. Losing my loyalty fast.