Microsoft’s US$26b acquisition of LinkedIn looks a little desperate. The company hopes LinkedIn will give it access to the work equivalent of the social graph, meaning that there will be a sharing and connecting component within Microsoft’s software applications like word and excel. However, the thinking really isn’t clear. Two thirds of Linkedin revenue comes from recruitment, meaning charging advertisers to post job ads on the networks. The company provides a newsfeed to its users, which Microsoft most likely intends to integrate into the Office 365 and Azure products. I am betting that most people using spreadsheets won’t appreciate a Linkedin feed asking for endorsements while they are concentrating, and will switch the feed off. However, companies like Slack have built there whole business model around it. Microsoft knows this - it does have a hole in social, and Facebook won’t fill it (because it is social, rather than a work product). In this sense, LinkedIn could be important. And Microsoft must fight the game of relevance, even where there isn’t a clear business case.