The August corporate reporting period was punctuated by a significant market correction which has seen many shares sold down heavily. The sell down has been accompanied by brokers downgrading FY16 earnings forecasts and the flood of Bank capital raisings that have weighed on the market. So were there any bright spots that stood out against a challenging back drop? To help navigate this topic we ask our panel of experts to share the insights they gleaned from management outlook statements, the sectors that surprised on the upside and downside and any companies that caught their eye. Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds hosts Chris Stott from Wilson Asset Management and Karl Seigling from Cadence Capital in this latest thematic discussion. Click here to watch the video

Patrick Poke

Agree that resources is a scary place to be, but in my opinion, this is a 'blood in the streets' moment. Things could potentially get worse before they get better, but I'm looking at low cost producers with long asset lives and strong balance sheets - these kinds of companies will survive, and thrive when the upturn eventually comes.