With the Nine float coming back onto Australian shores after an international roadshow this article TV is Dying seems timely. Mobile devices, mainly tablets, are eroding subscriber numbers to cable television and broadcast television. According to Citi Research, in the US there has been only negative ratings growth on broadcast and cable TV since September 2011. Advertising money has been slow to make the shift from traditional television channels to mobile (domestically and abroad), however, it will happen. This shift is likely to place even more pressure on networks needing to fork out top dollar to attract quality content. In Nine's favour (for the short term at least) they should get some good ratings over the summer if the Ashes can maintain the hype following the first test. I'd be interested to hear thoughts on Nine and/or the cricket. @MGable @pesho @BLau @hjennings @mfelsman (VIEW LINK)

Henry Jennings

airlines and TV stations are on my avoid list...best gauge is the quality of ads on the TV..but the audience for free to air is fading rapidly as the young eyeballs choose their entertainment media vastly differently to my generation!