Christopher Joye

In my Weekend AFR column I offer my latest analysis of relative value investment opportunities across the banks' capital structures in the context of the recent AMP subordinated bond deal, highlighting what appears to be dysfunctions between senior bonds, subordinated debt and hybrids (click on that link to read for... Show More

AMP Capital

Remember Brexit? The UK’s unexpected vote in late June to leave the EU led to a dramatic collapse in market sentiment. At the point of maximum pessimism, the FTSE 100 was down 8% on the day. Yet within a week the FTSE had recovered all of its ground, and then... Show More

AMP Capital

With developed countries’ equity, bond and property indices all looking expensive, investors need to look further afield to find an asset class with significant growth potential. AMP Capital’s new exchange traded managed fund, the Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund), ASX:DMKT, has about 65% of its capital allocated in growth assets,... Show More

Investors in banking stocks have had a frustrating three years, while many invested in financial tech have reaped huge rewards over this period. Ben Heap, co-founder of venture capital firm H2Ocean, told Livewire a key reason fintech has done so well is the agility that start-ups enjoy, while the size... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Invest for the long-term. That’s the catchcry of a phalanx of advisers since investing in equities emerged from the shadow of railway bonds. But investing for the long-term only makes sense if you invest in extraordinary businesses. The longer you stay invested in mediocre businesses the greater your loss in... Show More